Our themes and prevention actions

SMEREP Health Survey

As part of the annual health survey of students conducted by SMEREP in June 2018, the main figures in computer graphics.
View the annual health survey of students 2018 in full

Our preventive health actions

SMEREP implements health prevention actions in its centre of Saint-Michel every week. They are open to all students.

Le calendrier des parcours de prévention santé de AVRIL 2018.

oral hygiene

SMEREP has approached the UFSBD (French Union of Bucco-Dental Health) to ensure a synergy of the actors of oral prevention with students.
Together, they organize on 13 universities in the Paris region for the coming year the "Mastersclass of the smile". These unprecedented prevention actions, in line with the MT'Dents operation, are as much focused on the "information and prevention" aspect as on the "entertaining and dynamic" aspect.

The events will include a broad sensitization: presence of dentist, adapted information distributed by students, playful devices to interest students, use of social networks to win a year of sugar-free chewing gum Freedent, ...

These actions are an opportunity to raise awareness of the issue of good oral hygiene, to communicate the essential daily reflexes (take the five reflexes of the UFSBD), and to allow a personalized diagnosis thanks to the presence of a dental surgeon, through innovative and attractive devices.

Stress and well-being

Stressed by exams? Lack of sleep ? Need relaxation? SMEREP helps you better manage your stress.

Our wellness forums
Students are invited to test the different stressors, to learn how to better manage their sleep, to learn sophrology and enjoy free shiatsu massages.

Download here our Brochure in French " Le stress, c'est pas cool "

Physical activity

To stay dynamic and feel good, you have to move every day! It is therefore better to practice physical activity every day rather than playing sports from time to time.

Download here our brochure in French "Le guide du savoir bouger" to optimize your shape.

Hearing risks

Do you feel that sometimes you have ears that whistle or you hear less loudly? These sympatomas are not to be taken lightly.

Download here our brochure in French "Risques auditifs" to anticipate and react to these risks.

Tobacco or cannabis

Do you want to quit smoking? Do you need help and support? The SMEREP advises you and directs you.

"Tobacco, cannabis, I stop, I breathe"
This action allows you to take stock of your consumption and measure your carbon monoxide level in the lungs. Physicians and prevention officers can also help you stop when you want.

Download here our brochure in French " Le tabac : j'arrête, je respire "


Do you have trouble falling asleep? Your sleep is disturbed? The SMEREP advises you and directs you.

Sleep awake
By talking about everyday situations, prevention workers help you understand what can affect your sleep and how to improve it.

Download here our Brochure in French "Pour retrouver le plaisir de dormir "


To have fun is not to abuse! We think alcohol is essential to the party ... but it is mainly responsible for many accidents and risky behavior. So that the evening remains festive, stay reasonable!

Use, abuse parties, not alcohol
We help student associations to put in place preventive actions during their evenings.

Have fun, do not overdo it!
To better understand the effects of alcohol, we suggest you try a course with glasses reproduce a high blood alcohol level, simulate your alcohol consumption and see the evolution of your blood alcohol level.

Download here our Brochure in French  S'amuser ce n'est pas abuser "



Sexual health

Pleasure, desire, STI, contraception ... To address all aspects of your intimate life, we implement actions and services that suit you.

Our game around contraception and STIs
To take stock and test your knowledge.

Download here our Brochure in French " Aimer et se protéger "



Our goal is to lay the foundations for a balanced diet ... never forgetting that food must rhyme above all with pleasure!

Food Balance Week
It takes place in March in university restaurants, in partnership with Crous. Students balance their meals to win prizes

We organize free breakfasts to learn how to compose a balanced breakfast

Wheel of nutrition
Test your knowledge of the food balance and win godies!

Download here our brochure in French " Etes-vous sûr de bien manger ? "